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Blackjack pictureBeing one of the most renowned table games in casino history having been played in various venues around the world, it was only a matter of time before blackjack became one of the most popular table games being played within online casinos. Online casinos such as the All Australian Casino provides players with vast opportunities to play this well known game be it in the form of virtual play or real live play.

Although blackjack is by no means a difficult game, it sometimes requires the skills and concentration of players in order to achieve the main objective to win. The aim is for players to place bets on a hand which they think will add up to the ultimate blackjack which is a score of twenty one points within a single hand. If this is not immediately possible, players still have a chance of winning by gaining higher points in their hand that there are in the dealer’s hand without exceeding the maximum of twenty one. This may sound daunting at first, but it gets easier through practice and interest. The point system is easy to understand and calculate without requiring the need of a calculator. All face cards which are King, Queen and Jack have a total of ten points each. The Ace card can either total eleven or one point depending on the cards which have been dealt before and after the ace. All other cards are calculated and added at face value where for example the four card has four points, the ten card has ten points, the seven card has seven points and so on and so forth. In a standard blackjack game and the virtual blackjack games, it is up to the player to decide the total number of cards to receive in their hands while trying to accomplish the highest number of points without exceeding 21. However Live Australian Blackjack game is somewhat different to the standard blackjack game.

There are many a time when Australian players find it hard to travel to the closest land based casino in order to play their favourite game of blackjack. Therefore online casinos such as the All Australian Casino com has figured out ways to bring the land based version of blackjack to players homes instead. From the comfort of their own home of alternative computer, Australian players are able to attend a live game of blackjack being dealt by real live dealers. The way this is made possible is thanks to sophisticated software being made use of in order to transmit a live broadcast to a player’s computer. Also thanks to the fact that none of the All Australian Casino com games need to be downloaded before being played, players can simply click on the live game once they have logged into their account and play through their internet browser. All Australian Casino com has collaborated with the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. This land based casino attracts players from around the world who travel to Malta purposely to play at its tables. Within this casino, there are cameras located above the Blackjack table which will zoom in and out between a bird’s eye view of the table and the cards which are being dealt out. With each view of the camera, the player is able to see this live transmission on their screen while they are placing bets on their computer screen.

Unlike other online casinos, the Live Australian blackjack does not contain a limit to the total number of online players who can play the same game of blackjack. This way any player at any time is able to join in the game. For this reason, the Live Australian blackjack game is slightly different to the standard or virtual blackjack. As there is no way that the limitless number of players can communicate with the single dealer from within the land based casino, there is no way that they are able to indicate to the dealer when to stop or ‘hit’ them with another card. Therefore it is the unique ability of the dealer to be able to determine the total number of cards a player should have in their hand. The general rule is if the hand has a total of seventeen points of less, another card is added to the hand. If the hand has more than seventeen points then the cards will stop there and the hand is calculated as is. It is important that no hands go ‘bust’ (exceed twenty one points) or else all bets placed on the hand will be lost.

In order for Australian online players to access the Live Australian Blackjack, they would need to have already registered and logged into their account. This means that the live All Australian Casino com games can only be entered in real mode being played with the player’s real deposited money. Once the player has entered the live section, they will choose the table they desire depending on the wagering limits they prefer and the screen will open to reveal an imitation blackjack table with three or four designated betting areas, as well as a smaller screen on the top right with the live transmission. The player is given a specific amount of time to place their bets on one or all the designated betting areas. Once the time has ended and the screen indicates that no more bets will be accepted, the dealer within the land based Portomaso Casino will be indicated to begin dealing the cards. From that moment onwards, the online Australian player need simply wait and watch the cards being dealt through the live transmission in the hopes that the cards dealt in the area where he / she has placed bets will turn out to be a winning hand. Once the round has ended and the player has received their winnings in the forms of chips, these will automatically be cashed out into the player’s main account balance once the player has exited the game.