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live roulette real time pictureRoulette is one of the most popular table games in casino history. Therefore it was only a matter of time that roulette also became the most popular table game played online. With the introduction of online casinos over the last few years, it was inevitable that they would also include the provision of a variety of roulette games, be it virtual or live. However the most interesting and unique method of playing roulette online is by far the live versions whereby players are able to play with real live croupiers without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

All Australia Casino com is the only Australian based online casino that can provide a unique ability for its Australian players to play the best table game in the world with live croupiers from within a land based casino in Malta. Malta may be a small country in the Mediterranean but it also has a large economy in the only gaming industry. So much so, that it also has some amazing land based casinos which both locals and foreign players frequent. The Portomaso Casino is one of its more popular land based casino. And thanks to the collaboration that All Australia Casino com has with this land based casino, Australian players from all over the world are able to play their favourite game of Live Australian roulette. The reason that this is referred to as Australian roulette is the fact that this online casino is built in order to adapt to players who are citizens of Australia alone. This means also that all transactions taking place within the casino are in the Australian dollar and in the English language.

Although there are many different versions of how the Live Australian roulette is transmitted to its players, the objective of the game remains the same in all cases. The game comprises of a roulette layout and wheel. As this Live Australian roulette is based on European roulette, players will be playing with a single zero (0) – unlike the double zero feature which is played in American roulette. However before being able to explain the method in which the game is played, it is important to note how the live version of roulette is made available to Australian players. As mentioned earlier, the All Australian Casino com collaborates with a land based casino which is located in Malta. Within the Portomaso Casino, cameras are located above the real roulette table which will zoom in and out between a bird’s eye view of the table (whereby online players can also view other live players playing the same game from within the land based casino) and a close up view of the roulette wheel and the winning number. These cameras which are in direct link with the All Australian Casino will in turn transmit the broadcast in real time on players’ screens. The will enable online Australian players to not miss out on any goings on within the casino while they are placing their bets online. The rules of any live Australian roulette game is for players to place an amount of chips on the table as long as they stick to the wagering limits of the said table. The aim is for them to try and predict the winning number by placing either inside bets on actual numbers or outside bets on grouped numbers in the hopes that their bet will end up including the winning number. The winning number is determined by the little white ball which is spun within the spinning roulette wheel. Whichever number the ball lands on, will be the winning number. As are the rules with any roulette game so are the rules and payout ratios of a Live Australian roulette.

For starters in order to access the Live Australian Casino com and any of its games, players would need to log into their existing account. Players would need to do so as the live games are solely available to be played in real mode; i.e. with real money from within a player’s account. Once a player has accessed the Live section of the All Australian Casino com, and has selected the roulette games, they are given a number of roulette tables to choose from depending on the wagering limits they prefer. These are determined by the maximum and minimum amounts of bets a player would like to place within each round. Then, once the desired table has been selected, the player’s computer screen will open up to reveal an imitation roulette layout table. This is the place where online Australian players will be placing their bets. Since each player’s screen is designed to reveal their own bets alone, players will be unable to view other online players’ bets. As the layout is based on European roulette, the top single zero will be in the colour green, while all other numbers from one to thirty six are laid out in three columns of three numbers per line. Each number will either be in the colour red or black depending on the layout of the actual roulette wheel. On the top right hand corner of the same screen, players will be able to view the live transmission feed from within the Portomaso Casino where players are able to view the dealer, the actual roulette wheel determining the winning number and other players who would be playing the same game within the casino itself. The player is given a specific amount of time to place their bets within the wagering limits on the roulette table. The screen will announce when the ‘last bets’ can be placed and once this time has ended, no further bets will be accepted. Once this is announced, players can no longer place any further bets on the table until the winning number has been revealed by the spinning ball within the roulette wheel. A marker will mark the winning number on the imitation table and should any players have placed a bet including that same winning number (also depending on the type of bet placed), players will receive their just winnings.